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Empowering underserved communities through education programs

What We Do

Doin’good is a non-profit organization founded in 2019 in Hamburg. With an international team of volunteers we provide hands-on education programs that empower underserved communities to improve their quality of life. In all our projects we engage the local communities in every step of the way to ensure sustainable impact.

We create education programs that make a difference in the fight against poverty and inequality.

We provide support, know-how and advice in the development of education initiatives.

We raise awareness for education of underserved communities and help volunteers to get involved.

The Makerspace Project

Empowering Syrian Refugees in Lebanon through Craftsmanship Education

Our first project will be kicked off in the summer of 2019! – starting in June we will build a mobile makerspace for refugee camps in the Bekaa Valley, Lebanon.



The mobile makerspace is a van/ trailer equipped with different tools, such as power drills, saws or sewing machines. Two skilled instructors drive the van from camp to camp and conduct craftsmanship-workshops. During these workshops young Syrian refugees learn how to safely operate the tools. After completing the training curriculum participants can rent the tools for free.

As part of the training, participants learn how to build items they desperately need in the camps, for example beds, housing improvements and compost bins. At the same time they learn skills that prepare them for the workforce. Hence, the mobile makerspace enables young adults to improve the living conditions in the camps while at the same time creating opportunities for a better future.

In 2017 we already launched a pilot project with the help of two local NGOs in Lebanon - CatalyticAction and Salam LADC. During the pilot trainings ~20 refugees learned how to safely operate woodworking tools. With our upcoming mobile makerspace project we aim to provide craftsmanship training to ~160 participants within one year.



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Meet The Team

doin' good is an international team of volunteers passionate about driving social change through education programs.

doin' good USA

Martin Eckardt

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Martin studied Business Computer Science at Nordakademie University and Tongji University in Shanghai. He worked as an IT-Consultant at Lufthansa Industry Solutions and now runs his own consulting business.

Jonas Michalzik

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Jonas studied Business Administration at the Nordakademie University besides working for Hamburg Port Authority. Right now he is pursuing a master's program at the Barcelona School of Management.

Hannah Christiansen

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Project Management

Hannah is studying  Business Administration in her final year at Nordakademie University. She also studied  Entrepreneurship during her exchange semester at UC Santa Barbara.

Florian Spremberg

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Florian studies Communication Design and is working as an Art Director at the Tetenal Group.


Patrick Thelen

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Strategy & Development


Patrick studied Engineering Management at the Nordakademie University and holds a Masters Degree in Industrial Engineering & Operations Research from the University of California Berkeley. Currently he works as a strategy consultant for the Boston Consulting Group.




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Partnerships & Cooperation (CEO)


Lars studied Social Science, Psychology and Business in Bielefeld and New York. Now he works as a strategy consultant for the Boston Consulting Group.

Meike Immenkamp

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Meike studied Business Administration at the Nordakademie University and currently works in the Product Management of Johnson & Johnson Medical.

Malte Hofmann

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Public Relation​s

Malte studied Engineering Management at the Nordakademie University and has worked for Olympus medical. Currently he is going for his Master's Degree in Strategy and Entrepreneurship at Católica Lisbon. 




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Ben has his Masters of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering focusing on Product Design (BS Oklahoma State, MEng Berkeley). He recently ran product development at an ed-tech start up focused on social reading and has extensive makerspace experience having prototyped several products that turned into businesses.



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Asher is a Mechanical Sustaining Engineer at Neural Analytics with extensive experience in design, prototyping, and educational outreach.  He recently helped organize a science outreach program for underserved youths in Los Angeles and a makerspace education program for high school students in underdeveloped regions of Peru.



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Payton has a wide-portfolio of prototyping, development projects, and youth educational outreach. He currently advises in the strategic planning and program development of the Jacob's Institute of Design Makerspace Community.

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